About Us



The Ad Deum Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides to prisoners, former prisoners, victims of crime and others in need the support that leads to the development of the whole person; culturally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically. We welcome and support men and woman regardless of their religion, sexual orientation, age or health, and encourage them to develop a holistic approach to their lives based on the principals of restorative justice.

The foundation was founded by catholic volunteers and a few inmates at Mission Institution in British Columbia, Canada in 2008. As a Christian book club, it soon doubled in size, then tripled. Over time, the book club expanded to other prisons and new programs such as Finding God in the Dark and inmate charity events have been added. To-date the programs have been attended by over 500 inmates.

In addition to these programs, the Foundation has established partnerships with universities and colleges who, through their “open learning” arrangements, provide inmates with the opportunity to take courses towards a diploma, apprenticeship, professional certificate, continuing studies and even a complete degree program. We have supported inmates in areas such as Accounting, Biology, English Composition, Business Management, Psychology and Electrical Systems, with the basic principle that our bursary program is for courses and programs that are geared toward securing future employment.

There is a great need to help inmates and victims “get-on-their-feet” and restore meaningful lives after crime. Our programs and bursary opportunities are expanding to new prisons and we sincerely appreciate your donation to help us uphold and advance the principles of restorative justice in our prisons and communities.

Ad Deum