Prison Programs

Fellowship Groups

Weekly “drop-in” Christian book clubs open to everyone. Each session begins with a prayer and closes with a prayer. It is an informal atmosphere where we read and discuss a wide variety of edifying literature, and share fellowship and support with each other.


Finding God in the Dark

Based on the classic spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola, this program uses mainstream movie-viewing as a way to promote spiritual growth. Films are chosen for their ability to expose issues, dilemmas or spiritual insights and to promote discussion and deeper insight into the films and oneself.


Charity Events

Each year Ad Deum sponsors in-prison “charity events” where inmates donate the fruit of their work creating arts and crafts which are auctioned for the benefit of people in need. Inmates give back to the community in a meaningful way supporting groups such as summer camps for kids and Habitat for Humanity. 


Life Connections

The Life Connections Program offers inmates the opportunity to improve critical life areas within the context of their personal faith or value system. It is an intensive, multi-phase program which instills values and character through a curriculum of personal, social and moral development.