Community Support


The Ad Deum Foundation is committed to fostering rehabilitation over punishment and restoration over retribution. Our community support include:

Promote and Advocate Restorative Justice

We address public policy Issues and advocate for policies that reflect Christian truth and values. We advocate that policy makers look more deliberately at the root causes which contribute to crime such as poverty, unemployment, lack of good education, drug and alcohol addiction, the breakdown of the family and the culture of violence in our society.

Education and the Media

We develop opportunities in schools, churches and communities for education about crime, punishment, and restorative justice. We work with the media and use all available means of social communication to tell stories which portray successful efforts of rehabilitation and restoration. We invite the media to use their power responsibly, that is, to further truth, true justice and the common good and to resist the temptation to sensationalize the plight of victims or offenders.

Support to Families of Prisoners and Victims

Our conviction is that Christlike forgiveness brings healing and frees those who have suffered so unjustly to move on in their life with fewer paralyzing wounds. Likewise, seeing a loved one fail to live up to family ideals, community values and the requirements of the law causes intense pain and loss. By implementing programs in the community we reach out to both victims and those who are incarcerated.

Supportive Re-integration

Because the disintegration of family life and community has been a major contributor to crime, supporting and rebuilding family ties is central to our efforts to prevent and respond to crime. Those in prison often need psychological counseling, spiritual direction, education and medical care to overcome their problems and disorders. While this investment costs money, in the long run such spending is cost-effective as it facilitates a successful re-integration into the community and reduces recidivism.